A New Class of Bio-Active Moisturization

A New Class of Bio-Active Moisturization

Scientifically designed to RECLAIM and rebalance the skin's natural ability to preserve healthy hydration and texture while providing a youthful glow.


I was fortunate enough to try and test it [EPIComplete] before the official launch. It's super hydrating and instantly you can see and feel the difference in your skin. It has also made a huge impact on my clients. Applying it before makeup leaves the skin hydrated and smooth!

I was never one to get acne and I have a pretty aggressive skin care regimen, so I was surprised when I developed "maskne." I cannot express enough what a change in my skin PhDerm EPIComplete Reclaim Moisturizer has produced. It is luxurious and so hydrating. It's a staple in my makeup kit now!

...My makeup goes over top perfectly. I feel like this is perfect for so many skin types and age ranges. It's basically an everyone product and I cannont wait to recommend it to my clients!

Dominique Samuel Celebrity Makeup Artist
Melissa Eastwick Celebrity Makeup Artist
Jennifer B Stylist/Makeup Artist